Within the practice of the TaoYoga Arts System, the student shall pass through

‘3 Stages of Transformation’


Transformation of Body 

Transformation of Energy

Transformation of Spirit


Within the process of the ‘3 Stages of Transformation’,

the student shall pass through the ‘5 Gates of Change’


Gate of Awakening ~ Awakening to a new view of life, living, and a new view of our connection with nature. 

Awakening the vital healing energy flow that lies within.  Awakening and opening the energy channels and energy centers.

Gate of Nurture ~ The ability of self nurturing through practice grows.  Through this practice, self healing begins to take place. 

Inner Balance begins to grow.

Gate of Transform ~ Body transforms, energy transforms, consciousness transforms.  The negative emotion transforms.  The negative habit transforms.  The negative thinking transforms.  The base energy transforms to a higher energy. 

Slowly, all aspects of oneself begin to become bright, fresh and positive.


Gate of Purify ~ Body becomes pure.  Heart becomes pure.  Energy becomes pure. 

All becomes clean, pure and clear.  All becomes balanced.


Gate of Union ~ All aspects of body, energy and spirit gain a union and harmony. 

One begins to gain union and harmony with all of nature and the universe.