We are now proud to be offering intensive workshops and teacher training in our school in Kamakura, Japan.


Come join us in the beautiful Kamakura area for a wonderful healing vacation and experience the inner renewal, self healing and spiritual awakening one gains from the practice of TaoYoga Arts. 


All of our Training Courses are available ONLINE LIVE via Skype, and include one month, and three month training courses - 3 sessions / 9 sessions / 12 sessions - included are  PDF files and also video files - for detailed and comprehensive learning.  For graduates, we also offer Certification for Instructing in - TaoYoga Arts System - Level-1


We also have a wonderful Online Learning Program bringing the student through the 5 Gates of Change - a unique life changing experience Awakening Healing Energy in 5 unique video based lessons, detailing the  practice Taoist Longevity Breathing and the Way of Taoist Yoga : 


Please visit here for more information: 


Feel free to contact us for more information - or to register.


Kamakura Workshops and ONLINE training will be offered in the subjects of:

  • TaoYoga 8 Immortals- foundation training
  • Golden Lotus Form - foundation training
  • TaoYoga 8 Immortals - Seated Form
  • Tao Breath - 5 stages of - Return to Childhood Breath Work 
  • TaoYoga 12 Harmony - intermediate foundation training
  • Tao Yoga 24 - Marrow Washing and Tendon Changing
  • Tao Yoga Power - Strength and Endurance Training
  • Taoist Longevity Breath Training
  • 6 Healing Sounds - (Movement, root sound and breath training)
  • Taoist Standing Meditation Qigong - (12 Essential Postures + Breath Work)
  • Taoist Internal Martial Arts - (Hebei Hsing Yi & Dragon PaKua Systems)
  • Tao Healing - Hands on Energy Healing
  • Opening of the 5 Energy Gates
  • Heaven and Earth Qigong
  • Primoridal Standing Meditation
  • Dragon and Tiger Qigong
  • Open Heart and Receive Heavenly Light Meditation
  • Heaven and Earth TaiChi
  • Four Powers TaiChi
  • Taoist Sleep and Dream Yoga
  • Taoist Internal Alchemy Meditation
  • other special subjects available upon request




Private workshops and Teacher Training courses will be offered year round in Kamakura, Japan.


Duration of workshops are:  1 / 2 / 3/ 6 / 9 / 12 / 25 days.


Duration of Teacher Training is:   15 / 25 / 45 / 75 / 90 days.


All teacher training and workshops will be in the form of private one to one lessons at our studio and also mountain, temple and beach locations in Kamakura.   Training will be held  in the early morning & afternoon daily.  Additional training will be held every other day in the evening in order to train in Taoist Meditation and Taoist Longevity Breath Training which will give the student a firm understanding and direct experience of cultivation of Qi or Vital Life Energy.


By training one to one, we can custom tailor our lessons to your ability, needs and desires; therefore the student may make the best use of the time and make great gains in progess, understanding and skill level.  Visiting students are also welcome to attend our regular classes with the Japanese students at no additional charge - TaoYoga Arts JAPAN


In addition to our daily training we will offer some tour guide service to the local temples, attend zen meditation training with local masters, and even take part in a sacred blessing ceremony in an ancient zen temple.


Kamakura is a beautiful area filled with Buddhist temples, rolling green hills, and a wonderful beach area....


We hope you will come down and visit us, and enjoy the magic and healing potential of TaoYoga Arts.


Please contact us for further information on Kamakura lodging, and pricing of teacher training or workshops.


~ Pease view our slideshow below to see photos of the beautiful Kamakura area.