The TaoYoga Arts system is a very comprehensive and vast body of ancient knowledge, wisdom and practical techniques.

TaoYoga cultivates and awakens the "Qi" or Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner; 

Qi can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life and the very fabric of the universe.


The practice of TaoYoga is a Holistic Life Science which stresses self healing, balance, present moment awareness, and cultivation of the Life Force Energy or Chi.  


Our TaoYoga Arts™ system we practice was organized, created and founded by Jesse Lee Parker, after more than 25 years of research and practice of Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Healing Arts and the Internal Martial Arts. 


The TaoYoga Arts™ system is a unique and original style,

influenced by ancient principles of Taoist Practice and Philosophy,

yet arranged for modern people living in these complex times.


At the heart of our method and practice is the ancient Taoist Teaching of the "Three Regulations". 


This teaching aims at Regulation of the Body, Regulation of the Breath and Regulation of the Heart/Mind. 


Such a teaching gives the student complete balance & harmony of body, mind and spirit.


Our core practice methods we first introduce to our students are:


~ Dantian Energy Center Development & Activation

~ Dragon and Tiger Qigong

~ 8 Immortal Tao Yin

~ Heaven and Earth Qigong

~ Inner Alchemy Meditation


These methods give the student all the tools they will need to gain vital health, rejuvenation, inner peace, self transformation and self healing.


Dantian Energy Center Development

The Dantian is a root energetic center that functions to develop, transform and distribute energy through our entire system.  Our health and ability of self healing is dependent on the activation and proper functioning of this root center.

This training will allow the student to gain the ability to balance the energy meridian system for improved health and healing, gain a union of mind intention with the Dantian energy center, learn how to develop and nurture energy in the Dantian center, how to gather healing energy from nature and draw this energy into our energetic matrix system, the energetic circulation routes of the small water wheel and the TaiChi Pole, how to store and conserve energy in the Dantian center.

8 Immortal Tao Yin 

Tao Yin is an ancient practice composed of regulated breath training, dynamic stretches, and movements which help to circulate the inner energy and open up the energy meridian system.  The benefits the student will receive from the practice of the 8 Immortal Tao Yin system will include transformation of the physical system, particularly the tendon and skeletal system.  This form will also aid in detoxification, strengthen our internal organ system, and help to further purify the physical system.  We will also begin the process of opening up the 12 yin and yang energy channels, gain a stronger connection to the Earth and Universe force, and further develop our Dantian Energy Center.

 Heaven & Earth Qigong

In this stage of our training, we begin to depart from the physical and enter more strongly into the energetic.  We will explore the process of opening the 8 Spiritual Vessels, and explore the 5 Energy Gates.  The 8 Spiritual Vessels are a very special network of deep energetic channels which store and circulate spiritual energy.  The 5 Energy Gates are centers from which we may gather external energy into our energy meridian network.  In this practice we begin to join the ‘Three Forces’ of Human, Earth and Universe into a Great Union and Harmony.  This practice is a wonderful self healing method, a profound moving meditation, and also a bridge to move from the physical to the spiritual.  This form will aid the student in developing a profound level of healing energy, gain union with nature and the universe, gain a deep balance of the mind and emotions, and also circulate energy throughout the spiritual orbits.


Internal Alchemy Meditation

The practice of Inner Alchemy Meditation is the highest point of study and practice within the Tao Yoga system.  It is a practice of transformation, change and spiritual awakening.  We will learn deeper aspects of Dantian development, unification of the energetic channels, cultivation and circulation of healing energy, and the process of entering into Stillness and Tranquility.   This is a profound and wonderful life practice and a very rare treasure.  The student who takes part in this training will gain a deeper understanding and ability in how to remove blockages and obstructions in the energy meridian system, cultivation of healing energy, further development and strengthening of the Dantian Center, enter into spiritual growth and development, deeper energetic circulation in the 8 Spiritual Channels, transformation of base energy into higher energy, and enter into the state of Tranquility and Stillness.