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Hello my friends, my name is Jesse Lee Parker and I have created a very easy to follow video based learning program that will guide you to experience the process of Energy Awakening - giving you Greater Health, Inner Peace, and transforming your Body into a more youthful, flexible and healthy state.  

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Good Morning Tao 

45 days to Greater Health, Happiness & Vitality...

  • We will guide you to Awaken Inner Energy in 5 easy to follow lessons - which will transform your life, health and let you feel an amazing youthful energy within yourself.
  • Our Program follows the principle of the - 5 Gates of Change - Five unique stages of Self Transformation you will move through in this course - guiding you to Greater Health & Amazing Life Changes.
  • A wonderful benefit of Taoist Practice is longevity and reversing the ageing process - we will guide you to gain greater health and vitality in a simple, and easy to follow way through our unique and modern day approach to the Ancient Taoist Arts of Longevity.

Please visit our Good Morning Tao Page to learn more about this amazing program...   

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We have designed a truly amazing in-depth course that will give you a complete, amazing,  

Life Transforming Practice...

Our Online Program contains:  
  • 5 Unique Taoist Yoga Video Lessons - guiding you to develop Inner Energy and Gain Greater Health by following the Path of the 5 Gates of Change.
  • 8 Video Lectures on the subjects of Taoist Yoga, Energy Development, Self Healing, Taoist Philosophy, and the Way of the 5 Gates of Change.
  • Detailed PDF workbook, containing a 90 page outline of the Practice of Taoist Yoga, Diagrams of Meridians and the Energy Body, including Taoist Theory and Philosophy.  
  • All of this is available on our beautiful, easy to use, cutting edge Online Learning Center.  
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